Recognizing Toxic Behaviors in Relationships

3 day event! 90 minutes sessions Tuesday, November 17 – Thursday, November 19th 8-9:30 p.m. EST

Butterfly Love, LLC presents conversations and resources about risk-taking behaviors and negotiations that influence relationships. In the range of toxic behaviors, we often miss signals in various interactions that would inform us of our emotional safety and wellness.

Some of the areas where we experience intense TOXIC behaviors include:

  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Bullying (workplace and personal)
  • Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence
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Do we recognize the triggers? Have you minimized the impact of how someone or something makes you feel? Has your creative energy been dismissed or destructive (verbal, emotional, and financial limitations) to your growth?

Let’s have a REAL talk situation where you will be able to identify the cues, actions and words of toxic behavior, the role that you play and being a RESILIENT survivor in the absence of blame shifting. Participants who register and attend the full 3 day workshop will receive a workbook to use with the conversation as you RE-TOOL your relationship boundaries and skills to recognize and avoid being victim to toxic energy and behaviors that enable your growth and success.