Full-day Leadership Development Conference August 26, 2021

Hosted by Mary E. May in association with Butterfly Love Consultations, LLC. Attend  all 3 days or any combination of single days. The choice is yours.

Segment 1 - Before love...Do you like you?

A FOCUS ON: Family of Origin • Belief and Value of Self • Self-Love • Who am I (at the CORE)?

Segment 2 - ...And Today I Wear Pearls

A FOCUS ON: Foundation of who WE ARE/ Value of Self • Social Construct & Narrative of Gender/Gender Narrative • Permissions/Validation of Leadership by Gender • Influence of Faith and Spirituality • INTERRUPTIONS: Mental/Emotional Assault, Physical/Sexual Assault, Medical/health • Cultural Responsiveness/Trauma Responsiveness

Segment 3 - Peeling Back the Mask... While Showing Up

A FOCUS ON: Relationships Across Life • Child-Adolescent-College/Young Adult • Leadership, Promotion • Sexuality and Intimacy • Memory - Projection • What you know (DEFAULT SETTINGS)