It is great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Don Trahan in this week's Tele-Summit, Our Voices, Our Issues - Leadership Development and much more...

TAKE A LISTEN to our engagement and reflection way back in 2018 at the St. Thomas #ABSC2018 where we were inviting permission to SHOW UP AUTHENTICALLY in your LANE of LEADERSHIP and much much more... As you listen, LISTEN TO THE WONDERFUL WAVES of the St Thomas waters ❤ but the content of giving yourself the guidance to FOLLOW the process and journey to the PRIZE for your Liberated experience with AUTHORITY and CONFIDENCE...
If you need this tool kit and more, join us this Thursday, August 26th to receive this download to build you up effectively from the inside out to gain your performance increase #butterflyloveacademy #leadershipdevelopment #resolutionnottalk

Take a listen

Full-day Leadership Development Conference August 26, 2021

Hosted by Mary E. May in association with Butterfly Love Consultations, LLC. Attend  all 3 days or any combination of single days. The choice is yours.

Segment 1 - Before love...Do you like you?

Do you know how you love and who you are? Moreover, what is your belief and value of your sense of self? In this segment, we will be guided by our self-love, self-care and self-management of how we interact with life daily. We will peel off the Bandaid® to uncover how you show up and unveil the mask as a leader.

Segment 2 - ...And Today I Wear Pearls

Life has many twists and turns that we learn to accomodate -  sometimes - through hardship & strength. When you resolve the interruptions you are able to grow, exhale & be productive. This will be beneficial to you both personally & professionally. How do you regulate your experience with your growth and wear your pearls authentically?

Segment 3 - Peeling Back the Mask... While Showing Up

Leaders you are Here


You are more than POWERFUL with your unique skill, style, and innovation.

LIMITS do not define who you are when you have the awareness, sensitivity, intelligence with diligence that maintains an inclusive perspective.

It's time to pull the curtain back and SHOW UP - UNAPOLOGETICALLY!