About Butterfly LoveEmpower – Educate – Develop

Butterfly Love provides comprehensive services in several domains. We offer Business/Life Coaching, Professional Development, and Relationship Counseling. We uniquely engage with our clients in order to guide them through their challenges via communication, parent engagement, managing stress of violence and trauma in the community. We provide support, in a myriad of ways, to individuals who are seeking support in obtaining personal and professional success.


We use innovative, creative conversations about building your inner wellness to help you realize your full potential. We seek to help identify and eliminate barriers within your personal and business interactions.


We educate through conversations and workshops. We endeavor to equip people with the life skills to become productive members of society and the cultural competency to apply them appropriately.


We guide you on a journey to becoming your best self by helping you to be transparent enough to confront your challenges and grow from them.