As a former client of Ms. May, I would have to say without a doubt my sessions with her have greatly help improve me, my life, and relationship with my family members. Throughout my sessions with Ms. May, we had discovered that some of my personal issues stem from home. Now due to Ms. May’s vast experience she was able to help me and the father establish better communication between with one another. Not only that but, thanks to her showing my family a variety of techniques to communicate we have become a stronger closer family as a whole. This is what a client should expect from Ms. May, she is the type person who assesses your problems and goes the distance in order to help you resolve them. She is very reasonable, understanding, caring, and devoted to each of her clients. As being a former client myself I can assure that anyone seeking guidance or help of any kind is indeed in the best of hands.  ~Antonio, 17, 2009~


Mary E. May is a very strong clinician that has the ability to work with a wide range of clients.  Her style and delivery allows clients to feel comfortable enough to become vulnerable so they can experience growth. Her professionalism is second to none, she has a wealth of experience that will allow young clinicians to ask questions and get supervision to allow them to grow professionally. Mary’s contact and exposure to resources allows for all (both clients and clinicians) to gain access to services and supports to better help the community as a whole. Mary is one of the best clinician’s that I know, she has been a support and a resource, which allows me to be a better clinician.  If I had to describe Mary, I have to say that she is a talented clinician that is willing to make a difference for others.   ~Leroy Ambrose, M.S., LPC~


I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Mary May for nearly 10 years.  She is a honest, trustworthy and caring person to all that know her.  Her personality is warm and comforting, leaving you with sense of being well taken care of, and most all respected. ~Respected Colleague~


I was supervised by Mary May in a Behavioral health program.  During that time, I felt that she was very attentive to my needs as a clinician, and she was helpful in assisting me developing new interventions.  Further, when I struggled to connect with a family, she provided me with guidelines and strategies to be able to better connect them.  She is a very professional and all together awesome person to work with. ~Alkanease Garrett M.Ed, LSW~


Your girl is doing excellent this year, I’m so proud of her. You have been a very essential part in Destiny’s growth….I truly appreciate the time and effort you invested in her…she remembers all you’ve done for her….Thank you for your time you spent with her. ~Parent 2015~