Mary E. May, MFT

Mary E. May, MFT is a Relationship Therapist with a keen ability to facilitate healing for youth, teens, and adults that require a pathway to work towards strategies to deal with violence and trauma when it manifests in their lives. In addition to being a passionate therapist with over 20 years of experience, Mary is also an innovative trainer, educator, presenter, and public speaker. Her expertise in domestic violence, bullying, suicide prevention, and teen dating violence makes her an exemplary choice for seminars, workshops, and symposiums.

Ms. May is also a staunch advocate for preventative care and bridging the gap of wellness by integrating cultural diversity, inclusion, and psycho-education. Her company, Butterfly Love, offers consulting and group, individual, family, and couples therapy. She has been featured in a variety of settings, including:

  • Invited expert guest on NBC 10 and local radio shows
  • TMZ correspondent
  • Keynote speaker at Our Voices, Our Issues conference
  • Clinical contributor for the Association for Black Sexologists and Clinicians in the Eastern Caribbean (St. Lucia and St. Thomas) for nearly 5 years
  • Participant for 2 years at the annual Melanated Educators Conference
  • Speaker during Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action in Philadelphia

She continues to develop her work and techniques with a variety of organizations, mental health networks, and universities. One of her favorite quotes is, “Freedom lies in being bold.”